Event Volunteers

Please know that there are always volunteer opportunities at events - just shoot the event organizer an email if you are interested. This coming up this spring here in the East we will have at least two - possibly three if Stratton needs help with US Championships. Most mtns will give you a ticket for the day that you help and a voucher to come back and ski on them in the future for helping out.

1st Opportunity - Killington Nor Am

We have an international event at K-Town during President's Week. The Nor Am Mogul Finals are coming to town! The mogul skiing action on Conclusion should provide all kinds of spectating and freestyle fun.  The show will be tremendous as these young mogul skiers from the US, CAN and AUS are trying to break through to the World Cup Teams for their countries!

Get yourself signed up to be a part of it!

In and amongst other volunteer positions, we are going to need shovelers/choppers and lots of them - every day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday....like 8 of them every day - MORE would even be better. This is THE MOST critical position and we are ALWAYS short-handed. Please help us to provide the event with enough manpower so we have a good team of people.

It is a relatively easy schedule that you can ski with while banging out your volunteer days or get vouchers if you have already fulfilled your days.


Tuesday -         training - 9am, noon and 3pm - each time for 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
Wednesday -    training - 9am, noon and 2pm - each time for 30 minutes
Thursday -         training - 9am, noon and 2pm - each time for 30 minutes
Friday -             event day - 7am, 10:30ish, and then 1:00 - 4:00
Saturday -        training - 9am, noon and 2pm - each time for 30 minutes
Sunday -         event day - 7am, 10:30ish, and then 1:00 - 4:00

Please email me if you are able to shovel/chop on any or all days. Thanks! Deb

2nd Opportunity: B CHAMPS, Waterville Valley, NH - More details to follow. Email Marissa Preston to sign up.



PS Weekly email is late. Just got the last info sheet - stand by!

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