Scholarships Available for Eastern Freestyle athletes.


Fall is the best time to request assistance for freestyle competitors. Eastern Amateur Ski Educational Foundation (EASEF) has two groups of scholarships available.

Older competitors (U15 and above) should apply to the EASEF “SteveK Freestyle Endowment Fund."

Younger competitors (U13 and below) should apply for funding from the “Philip T. Holmes Freestyle Fund”.

EASEF has long been a funding source for all types of amateur skiing sports from Cross Country, Jumping, Alpine, Snowboarding to Freestyle Skiing. Members of the board are from all skiing disciplines and their goal is to support all competitive skiing programs in the East. Support is provided for education, training, and development of athletes and coaches. All support is based on need not success.

SteveK Freestyle Endowment Fund, formerly the Freestyle Endowment Fund, was renamed in memory of Steve Kenney a long time supporter of Eastern Freestyle, a past President of Eastern Freestyle Competition Committee, a coach at Stratton Mountain and a friend and supporter to all freestyle activities until his untimely death.

Philip T. Holmes Freestyle Fund is named in memory of a combined freestyle competitor from Waterville Valley. His family and friends wanted to ensure that his memory and his love for freestyle and competition would be remembered and that the sport would be enriched by his memory. This scholarship is specifically designated for junior athletes and to encourage families to be involved and to support their local programs.

In addition to scholarships, grants are also available from EASEF.

To apply to either fund, please send Dick Holmes the following items listed below to

Three letters are required to apply:
1. One from the athlete talking about goals
2. One from the parents about need
3. One from the coach with regard to accomplishments and training habits

Finally, you will need to complete this form at the top of the page.

Mr. Holmes will submit requests to the review board.

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