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Eastern Freestyle Competition Committee Governance

EFCC BOD Notices

Notices from EFCC Board of Directors

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Proposed Updates

The following are proposed updates to EFCC Governance documents.

These updates required ratification by the Board of Directors before becoming officials revisions.

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Hello Eastern Freestyle-Freeskiing!

EFCC Meeting Schedule

  • EFCC Annual Meeting: April 28, 2018 in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • USSA Congress: May 1-5, 2018 in Park City, UT

Event Volunteers

Please know that there are always volunteer opportunities at events - just shoot the event organizer an email if you are interested. This coming up this spring here in the East we will have at least two - possibly three if Stratton needs help with US Championships. Most mtns will give you a ticket for the day that you help and a voucher to come back and ski on them in the future for helping out.

1st Opportunity - Killington Nor Am

Bristol Pictures

I photographed EVERY B athlete on their first run of Saturday., many of the athletes on their second run on Saturday and a few on Sunday. I also photographed many A athletes on Saturday and Sunday but only from the top.

Christopher Cove

Pictures - Shared from the Community


Slopestyle Event


Scott Mulder


Here is the link to the photos from the first run of the Holiday Valley Moguls. I photographed every competitor.
Chris Cove

Updated Griffin Cup - Saturday Moguls and Sunday Slopestyle.
Scott Mulder

Toyota Freestyle Fest
Christopher Cove

Pix from Waterville - Preston Cup - Saturday and Sunday by Scott Mulder - LINKS Updated!

News and Updates


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