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Eastern Freestyle-Freeskiing

Eastern Freestyle-Freeskiing is a non-profit division of the US Ski and Snowboard Association, as sanctioned by the United States Olympic Committee.

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Mission: Eastern Freestyle-Freeskiing is dedicated to the training and development of competitive athletes.

Organizing Committee: The Eastern Freestyle Competition Committee (EFCC) is a group of volunteers, both elected and appointed that administer Eastern Freestyle-Freeskiing.

Events: Competitions in the USSA Freestyle disciplines of aerials, moguls and dual moguls and the USSA Freeskiing disciplines of big air, half pipe and slopestyle are hosted at major resorts across the Northeast in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Series: There are two competition circuits and one open tour: the Eastern Qualifier Series (EQS), the "B" level, and the Eastern Championship Series (ECS), the "A" level and the EASTFREE TOUR.

EQS "B" Level: The EQS, our entry-level series, offers fun, age-class competition. The EQS level requires a USSA competitor or rookie license.  A "General" membership is not valid for Eastern Freestyle-Freeskiing competitions. The EQS, "B" level is designed for entry level skiers, basically 7 to 14 year olds, though it is open to all age groups. It is where we educate athletes, coaches and officials. It is divided into Western, Central and Eastern Regions so that the young athletes do not have to travel far from their home mountain to compete. The EQS, "B" level events qualify athletes for State Finals and EQS Junior and Young Gun Championships, so that the young athletes can experience championship-level events. The events in this series are scored to the Eastern Points List. (See Eastern Points List link on left menu.)

ECS "A" Level: The ECS, "A" level is designed for the older, more experienced athlete. The "A" level supports 13 to 18 year olds and all veteran skiers, 18+ year olds. The ECS qualifies skiers for national level events: Juniors Olympics, Junior Worlds, US Freestyle Championships and the US Selection Events. Our division has produced many US Freestyle Ski Team, US Open and X-Game podium winners and Olympic athletes. The ECS level requires a USSA competitor or rookie license. The events in this series are scored to the national points list, the FSP. This points list is available at www.ussa.org. The athlete and coach should make the decision on which series to ski in. Athletes under 13 must have their coach appeal to the EFCC, Appeals Sub-Committee Chair for inclusion in the ECS mogul and dual mogul events.

EASTFREE TOUR: The EASTFREE TOUR is a series of freeskiing events, including big air, slopestyle and halfpipe open to all Eastern Freestyle-Freeskiing Division members and guests. These events are scored to the national points list, the FSP. This points list is available at www.ussa.org.

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Check out our Eastern Freestyle-Freeskiing Community Handbook for more information!

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