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Registration and Refund Info


EASTERN FREESTYLE sub-contracts its event registration process, even though the web site looks like we handle it. The company, HF Tech, offers integration, allowing better alignment with the needs of the event organizers, competitors, and the parents (who do most of the registrations). To access registration, click on Reg button on the Schedule Page. 

Selection of competitor information can be filled in from looking up the USSA number. Manual entry is also supported for new competitors, but the lookup will provide more accurate input to the points lists.

Additional events or competitors can be added to the Registration Cart before checking out with credit card information. Just click the “Shopping” button to add additional items. Don’t forget to check out, as items in your cart are not completed registrations and are deleted after 1 hour.

Credit card processing is handled by H. F Tech Inc and will be noted on your statements. The handling fee covers the cost of processing the credit card transaction as there is no markup from the event organizers pricing to absorb the costs.

The registration system will continue be enhanced and suggestions can be made to


Eastern 5: Refund Policy

Scenario 1: An athlete notifies an event organizer 48 hours prior to the event that they will not compete; the athlete will receive a full refund.
Scenario 2: An athlete is injured while training, prior to the day of the competition; the athlete will receive a full refund.
Scenario 3: An athlete is injured on the day of the event; the athlete will not receive a refund.
Scenario 4: An event is cancelled at any point on the day of the event; the organizer is not obligated to refund any registration fees.
Scenario 5: An event cancelled prior to the day of the event, the athlete receives a full refund.


Please send an e-mail to: If the refund qualifies within the rules above, then the refund will be processed immediately. If special exceptions are requested, the Eastern Freestyle office will confer with the event organizer to determine whether to grant the refund. Once the refund is approved, HF Tech, Inc will issue an e-coupon to the competitor to use for the next Eastern Freestyle-Freeskiing registration online. If an e-coupon is not used by the end of season, a refund check will be issued to the competitor.


The refunds are processed against the original invoice and an “E-Coupon” is generated with an email sent to the address entered during the original registration. The “E-Coupon” will include the total of all refunds that apply to an invoice. If refunds are due for multiple competitors or events that were registered on one checkout, they will be combined into one “E-Coupon”. The “E-Coupons” are in the form of the original invoice number and a security code (e.g. 1234-9xyq) and are entered into the registration during “Checkout”. A screen to enter coupons will appear to enter the Coupon Number. The “E-Coupon” can be used with partial amounts until the full amount has been used. There is a “Change Coupon” button on the summary page to change to a different “E Coupon” when one is used up. Only one “E-Coupon” number can be used per checkout. Any unused balance at the end of the season will be sent as a check to the original billing address. If you would like to close out sooner, reply to the refund notice email with “Send Check” and the rest of the message intact. The E-Coupon is entered in the box below "Do you have a Discount Coupon" with nothing else in the box (replace the "none" if it is there).

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