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The US Ski and Snowboard Freestyle/Freeski Competition Guide is THE place to find all information about national and international level freestyle and freeski, as it relates to the USA.

The Eastern Addendum is where to find rules and policies that are specific to the East. Much of the information is not in the Comp Guide and there are some rules and policies that are slightly different from the ones in the Comp Guide.

These are the international rules of our sport. Much of the rules of sport for freestyle and freeki come from the FIS Rules, in fact the Comp Guide serves similarly to the East Adddendum, highlighting what we do a bit differently in the USA.

The FIS List ranks athletes in the World, competing in FIS level events. An athlete's ranking on the FIS List may be used in the US to qualify athletes to events and the US Team.

THE FSP - National Ranking is where our ECS "A" athlete events are scored, and where all divisional, national and international events are scored. This creates a national ranking system. An athletes' ranking may determine qualification into FIS and Championship level events - like Juniors and US Championships. Please learn more about the FSP in the Comp Guide.

The EPL, Eastern Points List is where our EQS "B" athlete events are scored. This list is specific to our EQS "B" events only. We use the athlete rankings from this list to determine invitations to State Champs and the Young Gun and Junior Championships.

EQS "B" ATHLETE HISTORY tool enables you to look up a B skier's list of events and scores.

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